Timelapse: In the News

Timelapse is a very popular camera trap analysis tool used internationally by a broad set of agencies, universities, researchers, and individuals. While we do not disseminate a list of Timelapse users, we do collect publicly available mentions of Timelapse, and citations to Saul Greenberg's (the Timelapse creator) papers that are related to Timelapse.

Projects reporting Timelapse

Protecting island ecosystems: Island Conservation
Island Conservation worked with Lenovo’s Work for Humankind initiative to protect endangered wildlife and support the community on Robinson Crusoe Island. Their promotional video about this project includes a brief segment (1:28) showing their use of Timelapse and Megadetector to do their camera trapping tagging.

WildCam: Wildlife Cameras for Adaptive Management
WildCam's goal is to develop a remote camera network to improve knowledge and public engagement in support of effective wildlife management and conservation in British Columbia, Alberta, Canada, and beyond, including encouraging coordination in camera trap surveys and data synthesis. Timelapse is listed on their site as a project, and papers about it included in their resources.

Environmental Information Data Centre
Motion activated camera traps were installed in pine woodland and regenerating heathland from 2010 as part of UK Environmental Change Network long-term monitoring in the Allt a'Mharcaidh catchment, Cairngorms National Park, Scotland. Their published data set was processed by Timelapse and Megadetector.


Selected scholarly publications by others that use Timelapse in some way

Collected citations to Greenberg's Timelapse-related papers

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