Timelapse : License

License Terms

The Timelapse Image Analyzer project is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. You should read the full license details, with main points summarized below. If in doubt, just contact me (Saul Greenberg, saul@ucalgary.ca) and ask.

Use of the executables. I am normally fine (and indeed encourage) the free use of the executables contained in this project for its intended end-users. The expected end-users are conservation-oriented agencies (university, government, industry) and their staff (scientists, researchers, students, technicians) that track wildlife, bird life, fishery usage, and/or human impact. What they normally have in common is that they are all analysising images taken by remote field cameras, where the results are used for the public good.

Attribution. Give credit where credit is due i.e., cite the web site or my paper in scientific works, provide links to Timelapse, acknowledge its use as part of your project reports, etc. A little recognition is always nice to get and helps spread the word.

3rd party software. Timelapse software includes 3rd party software. Most are licensed under similar terms, but not always. This is why you should read the full license details.

Use or modification of the source material. It's easiest to comply if you fork the project to your own open repository (similar to this one) and receive no monetary compensation for any changes you will make. If you want to contribute directly to this repository, contact me.

Commercial use, including resale. You have to get in touch with us at saul.greenberg@ucalgary.ca to arrange terms.

Donations. I develop Timelapse pro-bono, i.e., without charge as most agencies that use it do not have a large budget. However, feel free to make a donation if you can afford it. There are costs associated with developing this software, which I do out of pocket.

Contractual work. If you need any specialized work done, I am open to contract work.