Saul Greenberg

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CPSC 503: Proxemics applied to Human Robot Interaction
Fall, 2013

CPSC 503 is a a research project course conducted under the guidance of a faculty member, who in turn coordinates with Dr. Jorge Denzinger who is in charge of the course. See Denzinger's CPSC 503 Page which lists requirements.

This term's project applies the social theory of proxemics to Human Robot Interaction (HRI). The student, working under the mentorship of Dr. Greenberg and a graduate student, will research, design and program a robot to respond to the presence of other people in a socially appropriate manner based on the theory of proxemics.

Reading List

A reading list containing required and optional readings and videos


A (tentative) list detailing course deliverables, milestones, and due dates

Ideas for Topics

A grab bag of possible ideas for topics, used to seed discussion.