Saul Greenberg

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Deliverables for CPSC 503 (Winter, 2013)

The list below is tentative, and will be firmed up in January

  1. Research Plan (draft due:xx , final due:xx )
    • introduction
    • brief literature review
    • problem statement
    • goals and sub-goals
    • methodology (how you will acheive those goals)
    • expected results
  2. Cookbook software page (Milestones during term, with final is due:xx )
    • This tutorial / instruction page should follow the typical format found at the cookbook site. The basic idea is to create a sub-site that informs others how to program the robot, with a separate section describing how to link it to a tracking system. It should minimally include
      • general overview
      • resources (e.g., to software, instructions etc)
      • tutorials (e.g., to guide others in terms of basic functions of the robot)
      • recipes (e.g., 'how-to' instructions to do various operations)
  3. Demonstrations (Milestones during the term, with final demo done as part of final presentation)
    • illustrates major achievements over the course of the term
      • basic operation of robot (illustrates getting it out of the box, power it up, prepare software...)
      • basic linking of robot to proximity toolkit
      • equivalent of our Vicon Face video, but done with the robot...
  4. Literature Review (due: ...)
    • A survey of the relevant literature in HRI and in Proxemics
  5. Report (Due:end of term )
    • Written in ACM CHI format
    • Structure:
      • Abstract
      • Introduction
      • Literature Review (integrates above deliverable)
      • ...
      • ...
      • Discussion
      • Conclusion
      • Acknowledgements
      • References
  6. Presentation (Due: end of term )
    • a 20 minute formal presentation plus demo, followed by 10 - 20 minutes of questions and discussion.
  7. Archive (Due: end of term)
    • an organized web archive (location to be discussed) that gathers all materials developed by the student, including instructions. The idea is that it should be suitable for another person to take over this project with minimal involvement by the current student.