Saul Greenberg


Selected teaching materials that I created for various courses. They may no longer reflect state of the art knowledge, as I haven't taught these courses or updated the materials for quite a while.

HCI Lecture Modules

Stand-alone modules containing powerpoint lectures I developed for various HCI classes, seminars and related presentations.

CPSC 481

Human Computer Interaction I: Principles and Design. Fundamental theory and practice of the design, implementation, and evaluation of human-computer interfaces.

CPSC 581

Human Computer Interaction II. Intermediate and advanced topics and applications in human-computer interaction, to further one's skills for designing highly interactive human-computer interfaces.

CPSC 681

Research Methods in Human Computer Interaction stresses evaluation methodologies for performing research in Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Topics vary over particular years.

CPSC 781

Ubiquitous Computing. Topics, which vary over particular years have included Proxemic Interactions, and Domestic Computing.

CPSC 503

Project Course: Proxemics applied to Human Robot Interaction. A course-based research project conducted under the guidance of a faculty member.