Saul Greenberg

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CPSC 581: Human Computer Interaction II
Fall, 2013

This second undergraduate course in Human Computer Interaction concentrates on having students acquire skills in creative aspects of Interaction Design. It is an unusual course for computer science as it somewhat follows the structure of a design studio: students mostly learn by doing vs. listening to lectures.

Course description

Advanced topics and applications in human computer interaction, with emphasis on developing skills for designing highly interactive human-computer interfaces.


Computer Science 481, and Permission of the instructor

Prospective students

Information for prospective students that you should read about how to get into this course


Schedule for Fall, 2012 of main events and deliverables

Class Time

Classes and labs are scheduled contiguously: you are expected to go to both.

  • Fall, 2012: Monday, Wednesday 10:00 - 12:15





Sketchbook - 10%
Final Portfolio - 10%
Exercises - 20%
Projects - 60%


  1. Designing Smart Phone Interaction Workarounds using the Windows Phone
  2. Connecting Intimates, Friends, Families using the Windows Phone and Phidgets
  3. The Proxemic Display using the Kinect


Lectures in powerpoint format