Saul Greenberg

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Activity: Research Speed Dating

This activity was described by Tony Tang, and is described below.

The activity has three goals:

  1. practice your elevator pitch;
  2. learn about what others are doing;
  3. get/give feedback on others' work.

The activity depends upon the amount of people present.

As a participant, this is what it's like:

  • You sit across from someone else.
  • You speak for 2 mins about your work
  • Then you get feedback from the person across from you for 2 mins about your work.
  • Then, the person across from you tells you about his/her work for 2 mins, and
  • You provide 2 mins of feedback.
  • Switch partners. Rinse, repeat.

If a dozen people are present, then each student gets to practice his/her pitch at least 11 times, and learns a lot about what others are doing. One of the other keys is that getting feedback from others in rapid form is awesome. This feedback comes in the form of both: "this is what was good/bad about the pitch; here are some suggestions on how to fix/adjust it", and also "you should read this paper; what about a variation on the idea by doing X?"