Saul Greenberg

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Ideas for Topics for CPSC 503 (Winter, 2013)

  1. Greetings: Research social theory of greeting mechanisms, and apply that to human/robot greetings.
  2. Re-implement particular proxemic behaviours started by Saterah, paying special attention paid to nuances and the transition effects from one posture to another
  3. Have the robot react to two (or more) people rather than 1.
  4. Consider robot behaviour with F-formation theory.
  5. Flow: Fine-grained transitions for blending proxemics with sensed location, i.e., how the robot animates mid-stream from one posture to the next (i.e., so you can ‘interrupt’ a sequence)
  6. Toolkit (Tufts: they have a huge framework but can only see the API names) Rob Jacobs to this robot
  7. Replicate WoZ as responsive robot?
  8. Compare WoZ to actual responsive robot to see if it differ...
  9. How do people space themselves out compared to the robot when working on a given task?
  10. Create a library of proxemics interactions, e.g.
    • the friendly robot
    • the aggressive robot
    • the shy robot
    • ….