Saul Greenberg

HCI Resources

HCI Lecture Modules

Stand-alone modules containing powerpoint lectures I developed for various HCI classes, seminars and related presentations.

HCI Reading Lists

Reading lists surrounding various HCI Topics used for courses

HCI Videos

Links and collections of various current and historic HCI-related videos. I often use these for teaching and inspiration.

HCI Digital Libraries

Various digital libraries of HCI Journals, Proceedings, and the like.

Recommended Books on HCI

Lists of recommended books on or related to HCI

Halls of Shame

Various collections, examples and critiques of bad design

WWW and Unix Data Sets

I have two different data sets capturing how people navigate the web, and how they use Unix. These are available to others for research purposes on request. While collected quite a while ago, this data has been - and continues to be - used quite a bit by others for various purposes.

HCI Organizations

A list of various organizations dedicated to HCI

HCI Resources - other sites

A list of various resources dedicated to HCI created by others