Saul Greenberg

HCI Videos


Videos are an excellent learning and inspiration source in HCI. Unlike text, video is extremely well suited to illustrating interactions that are highly visual and that unfold over time. They often capture subtle interaction details that would not be written about. Unlike software and demos, videos can still work many years later.

The various links below are to collections gathered by myself or by others. I often draw from these when teaching, and to show others prior work that has been done before.

Saul's Video Collections

Grouplab Refeereed Videos

Videos formally published by Saul Greenberg's research group. All are playable and downloadable, and include citations.

Grouplab Video Reports

Unrefereed videos published by Saul Greenberg's research group as iLab Video Reports. All are playable and downloadable, and include citations.

Phidgets Video Gallery

A video gallery illustrating the use of Phidgets in various mostly student projects. All are playable and downloadable.


My table of contents listing the ACM CHI and CSCW Videos, ranging from 1983 - 1994. You can likely find individual videos by searching the various collections in the next section.

Mirrored Videos

Videos I mirror locally for convenient access.

Video Bookmarks

A grab bag of video links that I wanted to bookmark for one reason or another

HCI Video Collections on Other Sites

The Open Video Project

A searchable repository that collects and makes available for downloading HCI videos from many different sources including those published in ACM CSCW / SIGGRAPH / UIST / UBICOMP and other archives.


The ACM UIST archive of videos, all playable and downloadable, from 1995 to the present.

Rauterberg Video Collection

Videos in User-System Interaction, as collected by Prof. Dr. Matthias Rauterberg from TU/E University of Technology

Roussel Video Collection

Videos and demos compiled by Nicolas Roussel, Directeur de recherche at Inria Lille

Roussel Videos

Videos and demos produced by Nicolas Roussel and colleagues, Directeur de recherche at Inria Lille

HCIL Videos, U. Maryland

Videos and demos produced by the HCIL group at the University of Maryland, as collected by the Open Video Project

HCI Vision Videos

Matthias Müller-Prove's historic collection of various HCI Videos that envision the future by simulating various contexts and uses of technologies.

Better Desktop Usability videos

Better Desktop is a project dedicated to sharing usability data. Its videos (see its data page) are of real usability tests of familiar desktop applications.