Saul Greenberg

WWW and Unix Data Sets

I have two data sets available for others to use for research purposes.

  1. How 168 people used Unix description of contents
  2. How people used a web browser. description of contents

While both data sets were collected quite a while ago, I have had many people use them for various purposes, e.g., machine learning, security detection of patterns, etc.

Conditions of Use

Because this research data was collected through confidentiality agreements with our subjects, access to this data set is restricted. However, I do give access to selected researchers as long as they agree to the following conditions, which must be strictly adhered to.

  1. Read, copy and edit the letter below to include the required information and email it to me.
  2. If you are a student or research assistant, I also need a copy of this note forwarded by your supervisor saying that they understand these conditions as well.
  3. After I receive these, I will send you a URL for the data set or I will email it to you as a zip file.

The Email Template

Dear Dr. Greenberg

This letter concerns the following data set (check the one that applies)

__ WWW data set

__ Unix data set

I am interested in obtaining a copy of the above-mentioned data set collected by Saul Greenberg for research purposes. These purposes are described below.

indicate what you plan to do with the data

I agree to abide by the following conditions limiting my use of this data set.

  1. I will use the data for only the research purposes described above.
  2. I will not pass the data on to other researchers without explicit permission from Professor Saul Greenberg.
  3. I will indicate in any publications the source of the data as coming from the following citation:
    • For the Unix data:
      • Greenberg, S. (1988). Using Unix: Collected traces of 168 users. Research Report 88/333/45, Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada. Available at
    • For the Web data:
      • Tauscher, L. and Greenberg, S. (1997). How People Revisit Web Pages: Empirical Findings and Implications for the Design of History Systems. International Journal of Human Computer Studies, Special issue on World Wide Web Usability, 47(1), p97-138. Academic Press. Available at
  4. I understand that this data is to be used for my research project only, for only the uses outlined above, and will be credited appropriately in all documentation.
  5. I am a
    • ___student and/or research assistant. My supervisor supervisor name here will also send an email agreeing to this.
    • ___supervisor of name here who has also sent you an email agreeing to this.
    • ___researcher or professor not working under the direct supervision of another, and thus only my agreement is needed.

Your Full Name
Your Title
Your Institution
Today's Date