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CPSC 681 - Participation

Worth: 10% of your grade.


Participation is an essential component of this course. Ongoing thoughtful participation demonstrates that you are assimilating readings and other materials on an on-going basis as it is being assigned, presented and/or discussed. You participate by:

  • staying up to date with all readings and other materials
  • staying up to date on other peoples' blog entries
  • presenting material from the readings
  • leading discussions about topics and readings
  • making concise, relevant, thoughtful and insightful contributions to all discussions
  • stating your opinions both in class and through blog entries
  • asking questions, etc.
  • doing the exercises on particular evaluation methods, where we will discuss the results in class
  • successfully completing unannounced quizzes to demonstrate that you are up to date with the materials

You may be asked to withdraw from the course if:

  • you are a 'lurker' (someone who just watches but does not participate or contribute)
  • you do not stay up to date with your assigned materials


Participation is measured by several components.

  1. Contributions to discussions as described above
  2. Contribution to the Blog. Your blog entries summarizing a key thought, opinion, or discussion point about each assigned reading, in the form of an informative title and paragraph. You will be provided access to a class blog. Blog entries must be submitted by 8pm on the day prior to that material being discussed in class, so that others can read them. You are expected to read other peoples' blog entries before class.You will be penalized for late or missing entries.
  3. Exercises. These short exercises will be provided occasionally, where you will have to try various methods and provide results of any analysis (some exercises will be done in class and some outside of class time).
  4. Quizzes must be successfully completed. In-class quizzes, which are unannounced, may be held occassionaly to test to see if you have kept up to date with your assigned readings. They are usually short, and should take no more than 5 minutes to do if you have kept up to date.