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Greenberg ranked by Guide2Research

This independent site ranks all Computer Science and Electronics researchers based on their Google H-Index (i.e., much broader than just HCI). As of April 2017, my rank was:

Greenberg to Give Pervasive Displays Keynote (June 4 2013)

Saul Greenberg will give the Keynote Address at the International Symposium on Pervasive Displays, June 4-5, held at Google in Mountain View, California

Saul Greenberg recognized as an ACM Fellow (2013)

Awarded by the ACM for contributions to computer supported cooperative work and ubiquitous computing. The ACM Fellows Program awards such fellowship status to:

  • "...recognize and honor outstanding ACM members for their achievements in computer science and information technology and for their significant contributions to the mission of the ACM. The ACM Fellows serve as distinguished colleagues to whom the ACM and its members look for guidance and leadership as the world of information technology evolves."

Alexander Wiethoff defends his PhD (December, 2012)

Alexander Wiethoff (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen), under the supervision of Prof. Andreas Butz (first advisor) and Prof. Saul Greenberg (second advisor), successfully defended his PhD thesis: Prototyping Tools for Hybrid Interactions..

FatThumb in the Media (selected articles 2012 - 2013)

These media articles are based on our paper and video, presented at Mobile HCI 2012, titled:
The Fat Thumb: Using the Thumb's Contact Size for Single-Handed Mobile Interaction

  • MIT Technology Review: The Anti Pinch To Zoom - Dec. 24, 2012-
  • Co.DESIGN: Fat Thumb: A One-Handed Alternative To Pinch-To-Zoom - Feb 4, 2013-
  • Engadget: University of Calgary's Fat Thumb trick allows one-handed phone use, jugglers are thankful - July 5, 2012-
  • PC World: Fat Thumb Recognizes Your Oversized Digits, Lets You Multitouch Zoom With One Finger - July 5, 2012-
  • Gizmodo: Your Fat Thumb Could Let You Navigate Your Smartphone Single-Handedly - July 5, 2012-
  • iPhone in Canada: University of Calgary Researchers Develop 'Fat Thumb' One Handed Input System on iPhones - July 5, 2012-
  • Phone Arena: Fat Thumb smartphone interface makes pinching easy with one hand - July 5, 2012-
  • Übergizmo: Fat Thumb makes it easier to use your smartphone with one hand - July 5, 2012-
  • TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog: University of Calgary experimenting with one-handed iPhone gestures - July 5, 2012-
  • MetroNews Canada: University of Calgary developers push for ‘Fat Thumb’ phone integration - July 5, 2012-

Sketching the User Experience - the Workbook (published January, 2012)

The book website contains slide decks accompanying chapters, various learning resources related to sketching, and information about where to buy the book

The Narrative Storyboard is a preview of one of the book chapters, published in ACM Interactions.

CBC Radio, Spark: Interviews with Nora Young (2007 - 2013)

Always on Video (audio segment at 7:15 minutes). Aired September 22, 2013.

Long Distance Relationships and Video Chat (May 20 2012) (audio segment at 34 - 44 minutes).
This interview is based on two papers written by myself and Carman Neustaedter (who is the one being interviewed):

Robots (and Computers) that Respond to Human Behaviour (April 1, 2009) (audio segment at 0 - 9 minutes).
This interview is based in part on a paper written by myself and Paul Saulnier (we are both being interviewed), and Ehud Sharlin:

How Technology Changes What We Remember (Mar 12, 2008) (audio segment at 3:08 - 7:45 minutes)
Distractions and Foreground vs. Background Interfaces (Sep 12, 2007) (audio segment at 10:40 - 16:30 minutes)

NSERC Surfnet Newsletters featuring Grouplab projects (2010 - 2012)

Rethinking RFID in the Media (selected articles 2010)

These media articles are based on our paper and video, presented at ACM CHI 2010, titled:
Rethinking RFID: Awareness and Control for Interaction with RFID Systems (Nicolia Marquardt)

  • IDG: Video interview at CHI: Researchers hope to secure RFID tag data -April 2010-
  • IEEE Computer: Project Tackles RFID Security -July 2010-

Influencing Social Behaviour of Robots in the Media (selected articles 2010)

These media articles are based in part on our paper presented at HRI 2009, titled: Using Bio-electrical Signals to Influence the Social Behaviours of Domesticated Robots (HRI 2009)

Articles / Videos Based (in part) of Interviews with Saul (selected articles )

Saul receives CHCCS Achievement Award (March 2007)

March 22, 2007. The CHCCS Awards Committee is pleased to announce that there will be three awards presented at GI 2007 this year from the Canadian Human Computer Communications Society. …The final award for this year is an achievement award to Saul Greenberg, one of the world’s leaders in human-computer interaction and computer-supported collaborative work. Full details are available here or in the Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2007. p.xii.

CBC Television Shows Ilab Tabletop Interaction (Dec 2007)

A 2 video clip featuring tabletop interaction, with Saul and Sheelagh, and with Gerald from Smart Technologies, Inc. Aired on the CBC News World Business report, and also on CBC news.

iCORE / Smart Technologies Chair in Interactive Technologies (March 8, 2007)

This joint chair for Saul Greenberg and Sheelagh Carpendale was awarded in September 2006 and officially launched on March 8, 2007. The launch was done alongside announcements of SMART's construction of a new building next to the University.