Saul Greenberg

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Animation is fundamental to interface design: it provides incremental feedback, increases engagement, and adds liveliness.

Powerpoint lectures


  1. Tiago Ribeiro, Ana Paiva, Walt Disney. The Illusion of Life in Robotic Characters - Principles of Animation Applied to Robot Animation. ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), 2012. mirrored copy
    • this video applies traditional animation principles to robot animation


  1. John Lasseter. 1987. Principles of traditional animation applied to 3D computer animation. SIGGRAPH '87, ACM. 35-44.
    • this seminal paper introduces well-known to traditional animation principles to the computer science community.
  2. Rachel Hinman.A New Mobile UX Design Material. Smashing Magazine, Rosenfeld Media, 2012
    • An article on cartooning applied to UX design.