Saul Greenberg

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Work Sheet for Reporting Raw Data

Subject number:_______________

Fill out the table below. Attach your questionnaire results to this sheet.

Calculating characters/minute. Calculate the average of the two non-practice character/minute times. However, if there is a large disparity between the two times (> 25% difference), use the faster of the two.

Calculating average errors. Errors are calculated as the characters typed over and above those required to type the text perfectly. For example, "This is text." is 13 characters long + a shift press = 14 characters. If the person had backspaced once and then pressed a new character, the number of errors would be 2. Calculate the average over both two non-practice trials, unless one trial was omitted in the characters/minute calculation.

Trial Keyboard order (1 - 6) Characters/minute # of errors Noteworthy comments
Touch typing N/A N/A

Qwerty - Large

Qwerty - Small

Alpha - Large

Alpha - Small

Random - Large

Random - Small