Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Why does Windows display a security warning when I download or update Timelapse?

Recent versions of Windows always warns about programs that were not installed through its installation packages. Yet Timelapse installs through a zip file rather than an installation package. This is because installation packages often require administrative privileges to run on locked-down institutional machines, i.e., where an end-user would have to ask (and wait for) a systems person to do the installation. Although installation is required, it does mean that the end user has to give Windows permission to run Timelapse whenever it is downloaded afresh.

Timelapse Questions

Why don't my images show up in date order?

By default, Timelapse orders images by the order they were added into Timelapse. To change how images are sorted, use one of the sort options on the Sort menu.

How can I use the arrow keys to move between images when I have selected a data field?

When you select a field, such as a Note, it becomes the input focus. Thus the arrow key moves back and forward through its text so you can edit it. However, a SHIFT-Arrow key will always move to the previous/ next image

TimelapseTemplateEditor Questions

I changed the default value for a field in the template, but my previously loaded images show the old default value, not the new one.

Defaults are used to populate fields only when images are loaded for the first time. If you want to change all your defaults to a new value, try the following workaround. Let's assume:

  • You had set a default (for example, a text field called ‘Comment’ to ‘SomeDefaultText’)
  • You had then opened up an image set
  • You started coding up images, where you had changed some of the Comment fields
  • You now want to change all of ‘SomeDefaultText’ to ‘NewDefaultText’ but leave the modified text alone.


  • Choose Select | Custom Select
  • Click the ‘Comment’ field to use it
  • Make sure its set to ‘=’
  • Enter the text ‘SomeDefaultText’
  • Click Ok

The images displayed will be filtered, so that only the ones with ‘SomeDefaultText’ will be present You can then change one of the Comment fields to ‘NewDefaultText’ and do the Copy to All…